How Strategic RevOps Accelerates Your Revenue Growth
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How Strategic RevOps Accelerates Your Revenue Growth

April 24, 2023
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As customers' purchasing patterns change, so are companies' revenue processes. Revenue teams are now ditching siloed teams in favor of something more aligned across sales, marketing, and customer success that drives business growth, facilitates faster sales cycles, and most importantly, creates a seamless buyer journey. Meet revenue operations (RevOps). It’s here – and it’s here to stay.

The Rise of RevOps

In any organization, several teams are involved in revenue-generating activities, generally siloed with their own data sets, strategy, priorities, and processes. And when it comes time for these teams to communicate with one another, they all bring their own incomplete and outdated data to the table, trying to validate and compare it without much success. This siloed approach is inefficient and causes friction. Even more importantly, it prevents leadership teams from making strategic data-driven decisions about where to invest or divest in their go-to-market (GTM) strategy. 

In this economy, every dollar matters, whether you're spending it or earning it. Emerging technologies, changing purchasing patterns, and evolving revenue models are forcing revenue-generating teams to change how they operate or get left behind. Companies are sick of disconnected, siloed teams getting in the way of their revenue growth and are investing in a unified RevOps strategy to unite their teams and data.

RevOps is a fast-growing B2B function that unifies all revenue-generating activities to grow the business. It brings together revenue-generating teams—marketing, sales, and customer success—to create GTM strategies to support business goals and revenue growth. A RevOps strategy gets all your revenue-generating teams on the same page to optimize revenue processes. Organizations that leverage RevOps gain more visibility across the entire revenue team, improve efficiency across the revenue process, increase revenue predictability, and achieve greater revenue growth. In addition, aligned RevOps teams see better conversions and margins, reduce revenue leakage, and identify more new revenue opportunities.

Revenue Operations aligns your Marketing, Sales, and Service Operations
Revenue Operations aligns your Marketing, Sales, and Service Operations

Why Innovative, High-Growth Companies Need RevOps

If you want your revenue teams to succeed, they must be aligned throughout the entire funnel. As a high-growth company scaling quickly, you're juggling multiple sales channels (most businesses have an average of three) and new revenue models where customers can pick and choose how they'll purchase. This process of buying, selling, and billing creates revenue lifecycles. The more channels and revenue models you have, the more revenue lifecycles you create—and more possibilities for disconnect and tension between your teams.

With RevOps, you bring together disjointed revenue models under one revenue process and shape it around the customer. By being hyper-focused on data and automation, you can create more visibility and intelligence across your revenue-generating teams, so everyone has one shared source of truth. This gives you the data you need to make more informed decisions and better understand your pipeline velocity, sales cycle time, win rates, annual recurring revenue (ARR), renewals and upsells, customer churn, customer lifetime value (CLV), and more. 

High-growth organizations see several benefits from implementing a RevOps team, including:

  • Data-driven collaboration and teamwork. With RevOps, all your teams work toward the same business metrics and revenue targets using the same strategy, saving them up to 30 percent in GTM expenses. 
  • Transparency and accountability. RevOps teams operate based on a single, shared source of truth, so anyone on any team can access the same data. This transparency can increase internal customer satisfaction by 15-20 percent.
  • Predictable business growth. Instead of siloed teams with different revenue and business goals, your RevOps team has one comprehensive set of goals it's working toward, helping them achieve 19 percent faster business growth—and 15 percent higher profits.
  • Higher win rate and faster sales cycles. With automated revenue lifecycles, you'll close deals and win customers faster. Companies see a 10-20 percent increase in sales productivity.

Your RevOps Strategy should align your people, platform, and process around the customer experience and journey.
Your RevOps Strategy should align your people, platform, and process around the customer experience and journey.

Your RevOps Solution with Amplify Group

A successful RevOps team involves strategy, process and workflow optimization, data, analysis, and technology implementation. At Amplify Group, we help high-growth companies handle it all. While we've always offered RevOps transformation, we also now provide RevOps as a Service. We accelerate B2B GTM teams across marketing, sales, and customer success through strategic design, advanced technology, and tactical support. Our RevOps as a Service offering includes all of the following and more: 

  • Marketing Ops: Attribution, lead scoring, lead routing, SEO, campaign performance, social media management, content management, account-based marketing (ABM)
  • Sales Ops: Pipeline analytics, data hygiene, deal scoring, forecasting, quota attainment, activity tracking, sales enablement 
  • Customer Success Ops: Segmentation, NPS surveys, renewals, churn tracking, upsell opportunities 

Contact us today to learn how Amplify Group's RevOps services can align your revenue-generating teams to drive more business growth.