Your all-in-one GTM and RevOps supercharger.

Your fractional CRO, Head of RevOps, and ultimate hype team.

We provide founder led sales enablement, support founder led sales transitions, and accelerate GTM & RevOps maturity for startups and growth stage companies.

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End-to-end commercial design and implementation.

Our Solutions
  • Go-To-Market Audit
  • Fractional Leadership (CRO, CMO, Head of RevOps)
  • Founder-led Sales Transitions
  • Growth Stage RevOps Optimization
  • Marketing Operations
  • Sales Operations
  • Service Operations
  • Revonue Enablement

Hiring, training, and coaching for -

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Success
  • Revenue Operations

What our Clients Say...

"Jess has been instrumental in professionalizing our sales process and accelerating our pipeline growth. Her network and investor perspective have been invaluable."
Profile Photo of Ari Salafia - CEO of TaxTaker
Ari Salafia
Founder & CEO, TaxTaker
“Amplify has helped us identify new channels to identify new prospects and brought us tools and expertise that improved the speed of our business development processes. As a result, we have reached new audiences and landed multiple new clients.”
Profile Photo of Rob Garber - Principal at 29Bison
Rob Garber
Principal Advisor at 29Bison
“Amplify Group is helping to keep us on schedule and creating a structure that allows me to focus on delivery.”
Profile Photo of Ryan Pollock - Founder of objective
Ryan Pollock
Founder & CRO at Objective Paradigm
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Your fractional CRO, Head of Growth and ultimate hype team.