Sales & Marketing Alignment - Maximize Growth Velocity
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Sales & Marketing Alignment - Maximize Growth Velocity

December 20, 2022
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The bottom line is – Sales and Marketing depend on one another. Marketing drives awareness, awareness generates leads, leads create a sales funnel, and effective deal management and enablement closes deals.  

So, why are sales and marketing so frequently misaligned? And how do we fix it?

The need for unified leadership with a unified approach

Our opinion is that sales and marketing need one leader, one conductor, one person driving strategy and execution across BOTH efforts simultaneously. Far too often, the sales or marketing function is independently undervalued or undernourished by an organization. Sometimes marketing is effectively generating leads, but conversions are low due to poor ales process and deal management. Sometimes the sales team is doing the best they can, but without broader awareness efforts amplifying the message, they hit a ceiling. Or sometimes, there are just too many cooks with different recipes in the kitchen.

The shift in B2B buyer behavior

Many buyers have pre-qualified or disqualified you before you even know who they are. So, it’s critical to have a strong, cohesive brand voice and digital presence in addition to having a strong team who communicates your value and capabilities effectively.

Research supports that B2B buying behavior is continually evolving and buyers are spending less and less time with sales reps. With the rapid advancement of technology and content, B2B buyers are seeking out solutions to their problems on their own through online search, public review sites like G2, technology marketplaces like Builtfirst, and through their personal network via social media or referrals.


This is why we’re thrilled to announce that Amplify has added marketing consulting services to complement our sales consulting offering. 

Sales and Marketing Alignment

We truly believe that in order to optimize the velocity of your revenue growth and your ROI on sales and marketing, the two motions must be aligned under a single leader with a single vision.


Our goal is to help our clients build the right infrastructure and team for scalable growth and to ultimately – outgrow us! We believe the difference between true consultants and service providers isa consultant’s desire for you to become independent. We are not looking to be your permanent band aid or crutch – we are here to accelerate your growth and your autonomy.


We provide fractional leadership, strategy, and execution for your inbound and outbound motions.

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Let’s break that down further….

Fractional Leadership

  • Talent evaluation and hiring support
  • Compensation plan design
  • Ongoing coaching and development

GTM Strategy

  • Brand voice and development
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market research
  • Buyer persona development
  • Product positioning and pricing

Demand Generation

  • Inbound - Web design, Graphic design, Content strategy, Social strategy, SEO
  • Outbound – copywriting for social and email + automation

RevOps Transformation

  • Sales & Marketing technology architecture and implementation
  • Sales operations improvement
  • Sales enablement and training
  • Reporting & analytics

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