Introducing Amplify - Your Sales Supercharger
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Introducing Amplify - Your Sales Supercharger

February 8, 2022
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Hot off the press…I am thrilled to formally share this news. I recently launched Amplify Group to provide startup founders and middle-market operators sales consulting services.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new chapter. I have been blessed to work with so many incredible professionals over the last 10+ years. Every person and every experience brought me to this pivotal moment. It's been a fun ride from capital markets, technology, human capital, and then most recently, venture capital!

In all prior roles and industries, I have been consistently passionate about relationship-based sales, operational excellence, solution design, data & analytics, and ecosystem development. I love to run fast, I love a challenge and I love to perform at the highest level for my clients and partners. I enjoy diversity in my work and this model will allow me to support and learn from multiple business owners simultaneously – amplifying the total impact on my network.

About Amplify

Amplify is designed to support your end to end commercial –

  • Strategy GTM and sales strategy development and refinement
  • Platform – Sales technology, reporting, and analytics design and implementation
  • Team & Channels – Sales workforce planning, Partnership, and Channel sales development
  • Operations & Enablement – Sales operations, process, and content design to accelerate deal velocity, conversions, and margins

The business profile of a company that will benefit most from our services –

  • B2B software & services
  • Proven Product-Market Fit
  • Venture-backed startups looking to professionalize their sales process to scale
  • Established SMBs looking to revitalize legacy processes for growth

Your fractional CRO and Head of Sales or the accelerant and tactical support system for your current revenue leader. My network is your network for pipeline and partnership development.

I remain an active member of the investment community as a Venture Partner at Forum Ventures and an angel investor. Please continue to leverage me as a resource for any incredible B2B startups that are fundraising.

Let’s design your optimal revenue solution and amplify your business!

With love and gratitude,