Ho-Ho-No Cheesy Gifts: Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Your B2B Clients
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Ho-Ho-No Cheesy Gifts: Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Your B2B Clients

October 31, 2023
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Finding the perfect holiday gift for your customers that says "I appreciate you" without coming off as too salesy or robotic can be tough. You want them to feel special, not like they're just another name on your client list to check off. 

We get it - you want them to light up when they receive something thoughtful from you this season. And getting them a gift that makes them smile while also strengthening your business relationship is kind of the ideal win-win. 

The good news is you've got options! In this post, we'll go over some of my favorite tips for picking out holiday gifts your customers will genuinely appreciate. No cheesy coffee mugs or logo-slapped notepads here. We’re talking gifts that show you took the time to find something unique just for them.

They'll be so impressed and thankful when you pick the perfect gift, you'll notice that loyalty and advocacy for your brand start to grow. Finding gifts they actually love feels great for both of you!

So cozy up with some hot cocoa and let's get started on spreading some holiday cheer to your customers this year.

Eco-friendly and Impact Oriented Gifts

An eco-friendly or impact oriented gift can make a significant impact on the customer's perception of your company and your values. Consider gifting sustainable items like recycled stationery, reusable coffee mugs, or even a donation to an environmental charity. 

Our Pick: We love the impact oriented gift packages that Packed with Purpose offers. 

Gift Some Greenery

A bonsai tree or succulent is low maintenance, so they won't have to fuss over plant care too much. Just some occasional watering and sunshine. The plant will thrive on their desk just like your business relationship.

Our Pick: We like EasyPlant (bonus- they’re self watering!).

Personalized Swag

Everyone loves a good swag bag. Personalized swag bags with company colors and logos can make a lasting impression on your customers. These personalized gifts will be used daily and will reinforce your brand to the recipient. Even better…what if you didn’t have to manage the storage and shipping process? 

Our picks: Some great vendors that handle all of the painful stuff for you are Slingshot and SwagUp

A Business or Leadership Book You Love

Have you recently read a new business or leadership book that really spoke to you? This can be a great gift for your clients. 

Our picks: Dare to Lead by Brene Brown, Obviously Awesome by April Dunford, and Be by Jessica Zweig. Bonus- you’re supporting female authors and entrepreneurs.

Wine or Sweet Treats 

I mean…who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine or a delicious sweet treat? Just make sure you know your audience. Read on for recommendations for those who abstain from alcohol.

Our picks: Our favorite vendors that make incredible products that are easy to order are Winestyr and Grove Cookie Company.

Coffee or Tea Subscription Box

A gourmet coffee and tea subscription is a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. Each month your client will receive fresh bean, grounds, or loose leaf teas delivered right to their door. This will allow them to sample new flavors and discover new favorite blends. A subscription box also shows you really took the time to find something unique for your client.

Our pick: Cratejoy has a multitude of options (and not just for coffee and tea).

Donate to Charity

And do it in their name! Make it a charity of their choice, or to a cause that aligns with their mission (if you want it to be a surprise). They’ll get the joy of philanthropy without spending their own money. You can include a card notifying them of the gift donation made on their behalf, adding a tangible element announcing your present.

Personalized Spotify Playlist

A custom playlist shows you took time to curate something just for them. Choose songs and artists you know they like or that represent their taste and personality. Sprinkle in a few new discoveries too. This playlist was handcrafted for their listening pleasure.

Personalized video messages

If you’re on a budget this year, a low to no cost personalized video message is an effective way to connect with clients during the holiday season. You can create a fun and festive video thanking them for their loyalty and wishing them a happy holiday season. Adding personalization such as mentioning their name and business achieves an excellent impression that's sure to be remembered.

Our picks: Idomoo and Sendspark.

The holidays are the perfect time to show some love to your customers. And as a B2B company, you don't need to break the bank to give clients gifts they'll genuinely appreciate. Sometimes it's the thought that counts the most, right? The ideas in this post are all about picking out or making something meaningful just for them. When you personalize it and make it special, even small gifts can make a big impact.

We hope that the gift ideas shared above provide useful suggestions and options to help you build stronger relationships with your clients.