How TaxTaker achieved 590% ARR growth with Amplify

TaxTaker partnered with Amplify to optimize and scale their GTM motions and RevOps strategy for their next phase of growth. With our guidance and tactical support, they achieved 590% YoY growth.
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Key Matrics

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TaxTaker had achieved product-market fit and were looking for a strategic partner to help them transition away from a founder-led sales model and build a scalable growth plan. They also had identified two new viable products they wanted to launch and needed tactical support to execute their strategy.


Through partnership with Amplify, TaxTaker achieved a 590% increase in revenue from 2021 to 2023. We redesigned and optimized their entire revenue operations and technology stack.

  • For customer success, we focused on customer marketing, streamlined renewals, and implemented a formal NPS survey, and referral request process.
  • For sales, we optimized their CRM, improved their sales process, and implemented an internal knowledge base with a defined sales playbook to improve rep effectiveness and ramp time. We also helped them formalize their partnership program to drive more referrals.
  • For marketing, we optimized their social, content, and emailmarketing efforts to drive new inbound leads and nurture them toconversion.
"Amplify was consistent with each motion and strategy they proposed, creating a framework for accountability. Our team walked away with more confidence in the business and a sense of camaraderie. Obviously, the results speak for themselves."
Ari Salafia, Founder & CEO TaxTaker

Significant revenue growth

We assisted with the launch of new products, increased organic growth through a streamlined renewal and referral process, and formalized their partnership strategy.

Accelerated new hire ramp time and team effectiveness

We worked with TaxTaker to recruit and onboard four new employees, and provided sales enablement support. We streamlined their hiring and onboarding, improved their training program, and created assets needed to accelerate deals.

Increased demand generation

We helped them enhance their website and accelerate their content production, distribution and optimization. These efforts led to increased inbound leads and referrals from their clients and partners.

"They are as close to being mind-readers as any founder would dream of because of their operational and senior sales experience."
Ari Salafia, Founder & CEO TaxTaker

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