Mission Control

How Mission Control generated $3MM in pipeline at launch with Amplify

Mission Control partnered with Amplify to launch their product and initial Go-To-Market motions. We built their GTM infrastructure and designed their initial outbound campaigns to generate $3mm in enterprise sales pipeline.
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Key Matrics

Pipeline generated
Accelerated GTM Impact

Mission Control was a pre-seed startup that had just raised $2mm in institutional capital to support Go-To-Market motions for their product launch. The Founder wanted to ensure he scaled their pipeline growth as quickly as possible and turned to Amplify to provide guidance on the best strategy, technology, and positioning to accomplish this.


We partnered with the founder to refine his GTM strategy, implement their GTM technology stack, and design and launch their outbound campaigns.

"Jess and the team at Amplify were instrumental in helping us establish our initial GTM infrastructure and strategy. They are knowledgeable on the best tools for early stage startups to get moving fast in a cost effective way."
Ramsay Brown, Co-Founder & CEO, Mission Control

Accelerated GTM launch

Mission Control was able to launch their outbound motions significantly faster with our training and support.

Accelerated pipeline growth

With advanced technology, lead sourcing, and carefully crafted outbound copy they accelerated pipeline growth.

Expert guidance and support

High-touch founder-led sales training and coaching on sales and marketing best practices.

"We were able to generate top of funnel demand significantly faster with their guidance and coaching."
Ramsay Brown, Co-Founder & CEO, Mission Control

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