How Abett achieved 150% ARR growth with Amplify

Abett raised $6.5mm in new funding to enhance their product and expand their GTM efforts. Through their partnership with Amplify, they were able to transition from a founder-led sales organization and increase ARR by 150%.
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ARR growth
Pipeline growth

Abett was seeking a partner who could help them transition from a founder-led sales organization and setup the foundational elements to professionalize their GTM strategy and execution. The founder and his executive team did not have any direct sales or marketing experience.


We partnered with Abett's leadership team to redesign their website, their sales and marketing assets, and launch their digital marketing. We implemented their CRM and other GTM tech tools to provide a solid foundation for inbound and outbound demand generation. We designed their talent strategy, job descriptions, and compensation plans. We also led the candidate sourcing, evaluation, onboarding, and training for those new team members.

"If you're a start-up or looking to shift into growth mode, Amplify can help. They were always willing to help and provide advice on best practices while consistently being conscious about our timelines and budget."
Matt Rubin, Head of Revenue Operations, Abett

Expert RevOps implementation

We helped establish a solid foundation for Abett's growth through advanced technology and revenue operations implementation. We also worked with their Customer Success team to improve onboarding and support ticket workflows for retention and organic growth.

Talent Strategy Development

We worked with Abett to build a talent strategy, job descriptions, compensation plans, and hiring strategy for their GTM workforce. We also onboarded and trained the team.

Inbound & Outbound Demand Generation

We established their digital marketing strategy and outbound sales campaigns to accelerate pipeline growth.

"Amplify helped us build and kick off our marketing and sales functions from the ground up. Amplify has taken the lead in showing us how to maximize our efforts within these departments on a tight budget and lean team."
Matt Rubin, Head of Revenue Operations, Abett

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