Mastering the Discovery Call with Jess Schultz - Amplify Group
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Mastering the Discovery Call with Jess Schultz - Amplify Group

June 23, 2023
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The discovery call is at the heart of the sales process. If you want to make the most of it, you have to come in with a plan. In this episode of The Sales Evangelist, the host Donald Kelly talks with Jessica Schultz, the CEO and Founder of Amplify Group. They take you from determining which prospects are worth your 30 minutes, all the way through using your disco to write a great proposal.

Fail Fast – Don’t Waste Time on a Bad Fit

  • New reps often sink a lot of time into every prospect – even unqualified ones. Discovery is all about figuring out whether the person you’re selling to is a good fit.
  • In tough economic times, it gets harder to close deals. Reps might be tempted to try to “make it work”, even if their product isn’t a great fit for the customer. Even if you manage to sell successfully to a “bad fit,” your customer will have a poor experience.
  • Take the time to match your prospect up to your value proposition. If you don’t know your value prop or ICP, work with your sales leader!

Before Your Discovery Call

  • A 30-minute meeting goes by quickly! Send out an e-mail a couple of days before the meeting. Share information about what the business offers to give your buyer an opportunity to ask you questions.
  • Putting the time into doing some research about the company and its pain points shows that you value your buyer’s time, which can help set you apart.

Making the Most of Discovery

  • When you’re doing your Q&A, pay close attention to your prospect’s pain points and outline solutions to them. Use these answers to help build your proposal.
  • Record your calls and use a transcription service to refamiliarize yourself with your buyer before you talk with them again.
  • Offer the price up front! If that disqualifies a lead, you can move on and your prospect will be glad you didn’t waste their time.

Listen to the full episode here.