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Get The Most Of Pay Performance to Maximize Results - Amplify Group

February 28, 2023
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RevOps and Sales Ops leaders - Go beyond sales commissions!

Pay for performance is a powerful strategic lever that can profoundly impact your organization’s success.

It’s all about extra rewards that motivate employees to reach higher productivity levels and, more importantly, outcomes and highest paying job.

But how are businesses managing performance-based pay models in today’s changing market?

We're sitting down with our expert panelists to discuss the pros of the pay-for-performance compensation model and how it can lead to growing revenue and retaining top-tier talent.

Discussion Topics

  • What is pay for performance, and what are the benefits of this model?
  • How are organizations managing change with performance-based pay? What should we be doing differently?
  • How to empower businesses to get pay for performance right.

Key Takeaways

  • Have a strong commission base pay performance and offer continuous support through training, development, education, and executive involvement to build loyalty with your sales rep.
  • Make sure the quota and goals are actually attainable for the rep to meet.
  • Simplicity - Transparency - Proactivity - Alignment are key things!

Watch the full recording here