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Accountability: The Secret to Massive Sales Growth

October 11, 2023
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In this episode of The Sales Evangelist Podcast, host Donald Kelly speaks with Jessica Schultz about the importance of holding yourself accountable as a sales representative. Discover what accountability means and how it can improve your sales performance.

The Power of Leading by Example

  • Jessica highlights the significance of leaders displaying the behaviors they expect from their team members.
  • Leading by example sets the tone for the entire organization, as it helps build trust and respect among team members.
  • Clear expectations should be set, and any issues that arise should be addressed through reporting and conversations with the team members involved.
  • She also stresses that if team members consistently fail to meet expectations despite efforts to support and guide them, leaders should be willing to cut ties and send a clear message to others.

Importance of Accountability and Feedback

  • One-on-one meetings allow one to discuss concerns, ideas, and goals.
  • However, Jessica acknowledges that one-on-one meetings can often be neglected due to other priorities.
  • To ensure accountability, metrics should be defined, and transparent reporting should be implemented.
  • The CEO’s voice is vital in addressing underperforming team members, as a clear directive from the top can greatly impact the team’s performance.

Educating Leaders on Effective Sales Management

  • Jessica discusses the need for educating founders and sales leaders on what good sales management looks like.
  • Defining expectations with metrics and implementing transparent reporting are key to holding sales leaders accountable.
  • She encourages sales managers to stay on top of expectations to ensure reps hit their goals.

The Role of Sales Leaders in Deal Management

  • Jessica emphasizes the importance of being prepared for calls, promptly following up with reps and customers, and staying engaged and available to support the sales team.
  • The use of technology tools like Gong can help identify challenges and keywords in conversations but should not be relied upon solely.
  • Managers must still actively listen to the entire conversation and analyze it further.

Breaking Down Sales Metrics for Success

  • Many companies struggle to determine which metrics to manage their sales representatives to.
  • Jessica highlights the importance of breaking down revenue goals into actionable tasks for reps.
  • Educating clients on critical sales metrics like average contract value (ACV) and conversion rates is also crucial. Founders may struggle to provide effective coaching, even if they listen to sales calls.
  • She shares their approach to determining the number of weekly meetings with qualified customers to close deals and setting goals accordingly.

Setting clear expectations for sales leaders and team members is crucial for a thriving sales organization. Jessica shares her insights on accountability for sales leaders and founders in optimizing their sales processes.

Listen to the full episode on YouTube below.