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Profile Photo of Ari Salafia - CEO of TaxTaker
"Jess has been instrumental in professionalizing our sales process and accelerating our pipeline growth. Her network and investor perspective have been invaluable."

Ari Salafia

Founder & CEO, TaxTaker
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Profile Photo of Rob Garber - Principal at 29Bison
“Amplify has helped us identify new channels to identify new prospects and brought us tools and expertise that improved the speed of our business development processes. As a result, we have reached new audiences and landed multiple new clients.”

Rob Garber

Principal Advisor at 29Bison
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Profile Photo of Ryan Pollock - Founder of objective
“Amplify Group is helping to keep us on schedule and creating a structure that allows me to focus on delivery.”

Ryan Pollock

Founder & CRO at Objective Paradigm

Your fractional CRO, Head of Growth and
ultimate hype team.