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Jessica Schultz

Founder & CEO
Amplify Group was founded by Jessica Schultz. Her vision for the firm is fueled by her passion for sales strategy, design and execution.

Jessica has 10+ years of experience building new teams, strategies, processes and systems to accelerate revenue growth and transformation within B2B focused organizations.

She's also a Venture Partner, startup advisor, board member and avid angel investor. Jessica is best known for her expansive network and natural ability to build deep relationships.

She has a tireless work ethic and is steadfast in her commitment to amplifying her partners and clients.
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JoAnne Holt

JoAnne Holt is the CFO at Amplify Group and Founder, Owner and President of Holt Forensic Accounting.

JoAnne is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of Florida.​
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Profile photo of Bow Allison - Senior Sales Consultant

Bow Allison

Sr. Sales Consultant
Natnaree “Bow” Allison has an international background working for global, public companies in sales, customer success & operations.

With over 12 years of experience, Bow has helped startups to Fortune 500 companies work smarter with technology & business solutions to drive success.

Bow is bilingual in English & Thai with a professional command of Spanish. She brings her passion of connecting people and businesses together and previously served as an esteemed Ambassador of the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce.

Bow is excited to partner with companies to exceed their goals with Amplify.
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Profile Photo of Ari Salafia - CEO of TaxTaker
"Jess has been instrumental in professionalizing our sales process and accelerating our pipeline growth. Her network and investor perspective have been invaluable."

Ari Salafia

Founder & CEO, TaxTaker
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Profile Photo of Rob Garber - Principal at 29Bison
“Amplify has helped us identify new channels to identify new prospects and brought us tools and expertise that improved the speed of our business development processes. As a result, we have reached new audiences and landed multiple new clients.”

Rob Garber

Principal Advisor at 29Bison
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Profile Photo of Ryan Pollock - Founder of objective
“Amplify Group is helping to keep us on schedule and creating a structure that allows me to focus on delivery.”

Ryan Pollock

Founder & CRO at Objective Paradigm

Your fractional CRO, Head of Growth and
ultimate hype team.